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Irene and Friedrich Vorwerk-Foundation

Help, promote, shape

The Irene and Friedrich Vorwerk-Foundation was established by Irene and Friedrich Vorwerk on 9 October 1997. It is an expression of the couple's deeply felt moral obligation to use part of their assets for charitable purposes. With the foundation, all their diverse social activities were brought together under one roof. Its task is to promote charitable, cultural and scientific projects as well as help for young people and the elderly.

The philosophy of Irene and Friedrich Vorwerk to support people in need and charitable projects quickly and unbureaucratically continues to be consistently implemented by the representatives of the foundation.

Sponsorship Award of the Irene and Friedrich Vorwerk Foundation
For almost 20 years, the Irene and Friedrich Vorwerk Foundation has been involved in promoting educational projects. This includes awarding the Irene and Friedrich Vorwerk Foundation Prize for Excellent Academic Achievement to students at HafenCity University Hamburg.

Youth welfare
The Irene and Friedrich Vorwerk Foundation is also involved in youth development beyond Germany. In 2019, for example, a water kiosk was built near a girls' boarding school on the African island of Pate Island on the north coast of Kenya. The water treatment plant gives the population access to urgently needed clean drinking water.

The Irene and Friedrich Vorwerk Foundation also sponsors children to enable them to attend school. In many poor regions of the world, children have no opportunity to receive an education due to economic reasons.