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Certificates & Approvals

The most important prerequisite for the work of the FRIEDRICH VORWERK Group of Companies are the necessary certificates and approvals. These are regularly reviewed and updated within the framework of the applicable regulations.

In addition, the FRIEDRICH VORWERK Group has set down its activities in the areas of occupational health and safety as well as quality assurance and environmental protection in an integrated management system, which is regularly audited and certified by external organisations.

If you need further certificates, please contact hseq_at_friedrich-vorwerk.de

further certifications
  • DVGW GW 301 Pipeline construction companies group G1 and W1
  • DVGW GW 302 Pipeline construction companies group R2
  • DVGW GW 381 Construction companies in underground pipeline construction
  • AGFW Code of Practice FW 601 Group FW1 District heating pipelines for steam and heating water systems
  • AGFW Code of Practice FW 432 Approval for drilling district heating pipelines
  • DVGW G 493-1 Group 1 Design and manufacture of gas pressure regulating and metering stations
  • DVGW G 493-2 Group 2 Maintenance of gas pressure regulating and metering stations
  • DVGW G 468-1 Gas pipe network inspection
  • fkks Guideline Quality Supervision: 2013 (identical to text DVGW GW 11) Cathodic corrosion protection
  • Specialist company in accordance with the Water Resources Act (WHG)
  • Manufacture of pressure vessels and piping according to AD 2000 data sheet HP0 / HP100R / DIN EN 13445 / DIN EN 13480
  • Welding manufacturer according to 2014/68/EU and ISO 3834-2
  • Certificate of Authorization to Register by National Board
  • ASME-BPVC PP-Stamp, manufacture and assembly of high pressure pipes
  • Manufacture of load-bearing components and kits for steel structures up to EXC3 according to DIN 1090-1
  • ASME-BPVC U-Stamp Manufacture of pressure vessels
  • Quality mark RAL-GZ 962 cable line civil engineering
  • Quality mark RAL sewer construction group AK1
  • PQ VOB: Entry in the list of prequalified construction companies at the Association for the Prequalification of Construction Companies