Reliable service for the energy transition

Service & Operation

Safe support of energy networks and plants around the clock

In our Service & Operations Management business area, we offer our customers a comprehensive range of services as well as full operational management for energy networks and plants.

Thanks to our strong presence with 15 locations in Germany and more than 1,800 employees, we cover everything from classic maintenance and repair services to inspection and expansion services to the operational management of individual plants or complete energy networks.

Qualified services

  • Operational management of energy networks and plants
  • Comprehensive maintenance concepts for preventive repairs
  • Inspection, functional checks & maintenance of gas pressure regulating stations, etc.
  • Maintenance & repair of pipe networks, plants and components
  • Plant revision and optimization
  • Calibration and functional checks of telecontrol equipment
  • Odor filling service
  • Gas detection service, fault clearance service (switching measures), fault analysis, route maintenance
  • IFO - intensive fault location
  • Performance of potential, follow-up and intensive measurements
  • Gas analysis, biogas services (amine exchange, etc.)
  • cleaning and inspection pigs
  • Testing of pass-through pressure vessels (10-year inspections)
  • Electrical engineering and cathodic corrosion protection
  • Work and repairs on gas-carrying systems
  • Specialized welding work on pipelines in operation (incl. inductive preheating)
  • Drilling and shut-off of pipelines (hot tapping)
  • Application of alternative repair methods (Black Diamond, Res-QTM)
  • Installation/support of remotely monitored systems and results analysis 24/7 on-call services