Natural gas - a reliable partner for renewable energies

Natural gas

Natural gas as a pillar of today's energy systems

Natural gas represents an important pillar of today's energy systems and plays a crucial role in the implementation of the European energy transition. In addition to playing a central role in the provision of heat and hot water for private and commercial buildings and in the industrial sector, natural gas is also playing an increasingly important role in electricity generation. Especially against the backdrop of the planned phase-out of coal and nuclear power in many European countries, the switch to significantly less CO2-intensive and more efficient gas-fired power plants can make a significant contribution to decarbonising the electricity sector and offers a flexible back-up solution to complement naturally fluctuating renewable energy sources.

VORWERK has been active in the natural gas market for more than 60 years. Based on our extensive international project experience, we offer a wide range of products and services for the natural gas midstream segment and are able to deliver all projects on a turnkey basis. The safety, reliability and economic efficiency of our solutions are always our top priority - for the benefit of our customers and society as a whole.

Our qualified services on the natural gas market include:

Natural gas networks
We offer a wide range of specialised work in complex pipeline construction, from high-pressure transmission networks to demanding industrial projects, from small connecting pipelines to major transnational projects. For all projects, we can draw on an extremely broad range of experience, from the implementation and monitoring of the complex approval procedures to the automatic welding process and special custom laying procedures.

Plant construction
We cover all work in the field of natural gas-related plant construction, from the execution of detailed process engineering planning, technical design and implementation to maintenance and operational management. The plants and plant components we offer include gas pressure regulating and metering systems, compressor and pumping stations, gas drying and conditioning plants, gas filters or dust-liquid separators. In many cases, we can draw on our proven and patented technological solutions. From the planning and construction of new plants to the expansion and refurbishment of existing systems to turnkey solutions - we cover the entire value chain in natural gas-related plant construction.

Service & operational management
We cover a wide range of specialised services for gas plants and pipeline networks to ensure maximum reliability and safety of the system-critical gas infrastructure.